International Baggage

 HUBEI NOAH is a global professional international baggage handling company, global service network in over 100 countries and regions in China for nearly 300 cities. With our staff to provide "safe, efficient and economic" business purposes, and the world-renowned international courier, international express network by providing our customers with professional, safe, fast international courier services, with rich experience in selling the customer's trust; to "service innovation" as a concept, long-term commitment to provide customers with the best service, best price and deeply loved by customers; "safe, professional, fast" is our every a commitment to customers. 

         Chinese students, immigrants and other travel luggage easily exceed the weight limit random baggage, excess baggage will be checked randomly to pay the high excess baggage fees, etc., HUBEI NOAH International launched an international mail this baggage service, your best choice. When the amount of your excess baggage of 20 - 60 kg, you can use HUBEI NOAH Air baggage service, usually 2-3 weeks time will be delivered around the world, but luggage international air service charges are relatively high. Luggage from any city in China International parcel delivery to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany and other countries around the world can reach. 

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