Airfreight services

 As an international freight forwarder,committed to service excellence and in this critical and time sensitive arena, we understand the particular need for urgency and accuracy. Effective communication, attention to detail and a proactive approach are all essential to delivering total customer satisfaction.

HUBEI NOAH works closely with its customers to identify the most cost effective solutions. For consignments that are time sensitive, direct service and Time Critical Movements are action. However, when time is not so important and alternative solutions are available, we can offer deferred and consolidated services that balance the needs of cost and urgency.

Via our global network, we can perform secure and manage movements right through to your customer's facilities. This ensures consistency of service, accurate information flows and where required visibility through the entire process.

HUBEI NOAH provides a complete airfreight solution for Import and Export requirements, tailoring services to individual customer needs at all our locations worldwide.


  Core Air services we offered include:

  - Consultation about Shipping Opportunities

  - Execution and Dispatch of Export- and Import Deliveries

  - Airport to Airport service with distinguished partner airlines and the shortest possible transit time

  - Guaranteed on-time door to door delivery

  - Preparation of Export Documents

  - Issuing of Air Way Bills

  - Shipment Tracking and Tracing

  - Packing Services

  - Insurance

  - Customs Clearance

  - Inspection and quarantine

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